Active Inspirations Ltd specialises in Yoga and Core-Flex classes in Ropley, Medstead, Four Marks and Alton in Hampshire.

All classes are fully bookable and are NOT run as 'open' sessions. If you are not already registered for one of my classes, please email sally@activeinspirations.co.uk to check availability before coming along to class.



Friday 24 November 2017 - Yoga - 10.00-11.30am - moved from Medstead to St Mary's Catholic Church, Alton. (One week only)

Thursday 30 November 2017 - Yoga - 1.30pm-3.00pm - moved from Ropley to Four Marks Village Hall. (One week only)


The final half term of the year begins Monday 30 October with an 8 x week block to take us through to 22 December and the Christmas holidays.
Yoga class block book rate is £56, Core-Flex classes £48.

Message me for details on how to pay online.

Email sally@activeinspirations.co.uk or call me on 07983240605 to enquire about class availability.

Yoga Classes in Alton

Sally-Ann is a teacher of the Inner Yoga Trust, trained by Jenny Beeken - a former student of B.K.S. Iyengar. Students of the Inner Yoga Trust learn to teach with a strong focus on 'inner awareness' and the balancing of inner energies. Inner Yoga draws on classical Hatha Yoga Asanas to provide the basis for exploring the body's own natural intelligence of movement, transforming body, mind and emotions and restoring a natural sense of balance.

Yoga classes are suitable for all levels of ability, due to the calmer nature of Sally's style of teaching Yoga, which makes it easier for participants to comfortably find their level within each class. All ninety minute classes include ASANA, PRANAYAMA & RELAXATION and the main focus of practice is directed towards Yoga as a means of 'restoration' - re-alignment of posture, improved natural mobility, flexibilty & strength, improved awareness and movement of breath through all aspects of practice including relaxation.

Regular extended classes offer the opportunity to embrace the 'wholeness of YOGA' and deepening of practice, furthering the teachings of normal weekly classes.

Pilates Classes in Alton

Core-Flex classes This class adopts an 'integrated' approach to embrace the benefits of flexibility training, combined with core focus to establish a more rounded physical experience. All Classes focus on re-alignment of posture and general 'all-over' mobility and strength, helping to rehabilitate postural imbalances and assist in management of existing postural difficulties.

For Yoga & Core Flex classes in Alton Hampshire contact Sally on 07983240605 or click here
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